Before Water Damages Your Property
February 9, 2024

Before Water Damages Your Property

When water is out of control it can fill the lower levels of your home with mud and debris and damage your major appliances. Water can enter a roof that’s been damaged in a windstorm. It can run down your walls, rise in your living spaces and ruin your beautiful furnishings from the attic down to the basement. You can’t always stop an influx of water, but you can minimize your losses if you prepare before the water comes 

Get the Right Insurance 

Basic homeowners insurance policies don’t usually cover most water-related perils, so it’s important to discuss your coverage with your independent insurance agent. Review what is and isn’t covered, then purchase the coverage you need.  

Take Preventative Measures 

If you live in a flood zone and water is likely to enter your home, an automatic sump pump can help protect your lower level areas. When water rises, it will begin removing water from your home. Once your pump is installed, check it regularly and maintain it to make certain it’s operating properly.  home

If you don’t live in a high-risk flood zone, heavy rains, surface water and water from other sources can still cause flooding problems in your home. Washers malfunction and overflow. Sewers back up, leaving a trail of water damage and debris. There are several ways to minimize the water buildup from these sources. 

  • Control water influx by keeping your gutters and downspouts free of debris and in good repair. 
  • Design and landscape exterior areas to allow maximum water to run off away from your home. 
  • Regularly check connections and hoses.
  • Maintain the appliances and systems in your home that rely on water to function.  

Store Important Papers Elsewhere 

Water can destroy legal documents, insurance policies and other important papers. It can ruin the receipts, brochures, manuals and ownership documents you might need some day to prove the value of your claim. Consider storing duplicates in a safe deposit box. If you have access to online storage, scan your documents and store them in a cloud file. 

Store Keepsakes in Waterproof Containers 

Original photos, family albums, wedding certificates, birth records and other important mementos can easily be destroyed by water. Consider placing them in a waterproof container or a safe deposit box to prevent harm from flood or incoming water. 

Before Water Damages Your Property 

The most convenient time to protect your valuable property from water damage is before it occurs. And remember, even with optimum coverage in place, some water-related perils still won’t be covered. It’s best to learn all you can about these issues ahead of time.  

Protect your home from Mother Nature’s worst. Call Clarion Pacific Insurance Services at 831 – 337 – 4661 for more information on flood insurance. 

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