Top Motorcycle Rider Safety Tips
July 18, 2023

Top Motorcycle Rider Safety Tips

The percentage of motorcycle accidents significantly increases during the spring and summer months due to the fact that there are more favorable weather conditions for motorcycle riders and, in general, more people out on the road. Following some simple safety tips can make riding safer and much more enjoyable.  
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Top Tips for Motorcycle Safety 

  • Wear Protective Gear: Many motorcycle riders wear jeans or boots for protection when they ride, but there are a few other important items you should consider using this season. Gloves can not only protect your hands from wind burn, they can provide extra protection in the event of a fall or accident. Though it may seem too warm for a jacket, many leather manufacturers have designed jackets that have breathable pockets to help keep the rider cool, comfortable and road rash-free.
  • Wear a DOT Helmet: Some states do not currently have a motorcycle helmet law, but wearing one can save your life. DOT helmets do have a shelf life though; in fact, a DOT helmet should be replaced after a fall or after a few years due to safety material degradation. 
  • Do a Walk Around: Even though your motorcycle may be running perfectly, a walk around safety check should be performed before throwing your leg over the saddle. Check to make sure all lights are operational, especially signals, headlights and brake lights. The more visibility on the road, the better. In addition, check under your bike for fluid leaks which could cause tire skid outs, especially in wet weather. Periodically check your tire pressure, which can improve handling capability and reduce excessive wear to your tires and suspension system.
  • Keep a Cool Head: Often, car or truck drivers cause accidents because they didn’t see a motorcycle. A close call can rattle your nerves, but remember to keep a cool head and avoid aggressive driving. 

We wish you a wonderful riding season this year. And remember, ride safe!  

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